Three years ago I was around forty pounds heavier than I am today. I work out on a more regular basis, and when there isn’t snow and ice all around, I even go jogging. What’s my secret? Simple … I stopped resolving to do anything.

For a long time before my weight loss, I would go through an endless cycle of resolving to make each year the one in which I’d get in shape. Like so many people I’d tell myself I should lose weight, I should exercise more; I should eat better.  I should do this or should do that.

Then, about three years ago, my mindset shifted. Instead of telling myself what I should be doing, I started telling myself I wanted to live a full life for as long as possible. When I started to really want this full life exercising was no longer something I should do. Exercise became something which enables an infinitely more important goal … living life fully!

Before long, this new mindset, led to a weight drop, feeling more alive, being able to stay active longer and so much more. I was just finding it easier to live my life. 

This week’s thought:

Happy New Years! Welcome to 2017!

This year resolve not to make any resolutions. Resolutions are all about obligation, which is a mindset that does not resolve to the outcomes you want. Resolutions are why so many people buy gym memberships at this time of year, and don’t go more than a few times.

Instead of making a resolution, decide what about your life you want different on January 2, 2018. To have more energy? To be able to enjoy long walks with someone you love? Not sure, then how about feeling younger than you do right now? Whatever it is, focus on the life you’d like instead of what you should do. 

Now, start living your life in a way that will give you the outcomes you’re after this year. From my experience, it becomes so much easier to resist that piece of cake or to want to get out exercising every day.

Life is easier when you stop resolving. It’s a fresh new year, and my wish for you is that one year from now you are celebrating a life fuller and richer than you could ever imagine.

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