What do you do when someone is upset? Do you make it your fault? Do you beat yourself up for their upset?

What if someone is putting you on a pedestal by raving about you? Do you feed your ego with the praise?

Whether positive or negative, there is a cost to taking something personally. An upset, criticism, or attack can leave you feeling hurt or defensive. Praise can inflate your ego, making it more prone to attack.

Often the words and actions of others are usually a reflection of their reality.

What is trying to happen?

Regardless of the words and actions of others, I ask myself questions like, “What is trying to happen here?”

If the words are praise, I simply thank the other person. I claim the impact I’ve had as a win. And, I’m conscious not to feed my ego.

If the words are negative, I look to see if I made a mess. I know I can clean up my messes. If I didn’t make a mess, then I look for what is needed.

No matter what happens or is said, don’t take it personally.

You’ve got this.

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