I met a family while waiting for a flight from Chicago to Toronto. The family had been on four airplanes in 2 days.

The problem was that this family was only supposed to be two airplanes over eight hours. When it comes to air travel, let’s just say; whatever could go wrong, did go wrong!

Despite the family’s delayed travel, they were still having fun and enjoying their time together. They even took advantage of their eight hours in Chicago O’Hare and had a Chicago hotdog (whatever that is).

To top off their adventure, we left the gate in Chicago 30 minutes late. We then taxied for 90 minutes before we were airborne for Toronto.

This brief encounter with a beautiful family is a reminder not to take life too seriously. Don’t sweat the stuff you cannot control. Laugh about it and have fun with the people around you no matter where you find yourself.

Yes, even at work.

You’ve got this.

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