Find your allies to get you where you want to be — both support & resistors (might be a voice in your head)

Who are the people who inspire you to do your best work?

For me, there are obvious people like my wife, coach and mentors. However, if they were the only allies I relied on, I don’t know that I would be where I am today.

Allies come in many forms. Publications and posts which align with and inform my work. My customers who believe in me and do their work.

However, there are also the allies that seem to defy or dare me to do my best work.

A colleague once told me companies would never accept my approach to coaching executives. I remember thinking, “oh yeah … watch me.” And sure enough, the outcomes were incredible.

Whether they challenge or support you, find the allies you need to help you do your best work.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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