A few days ago I was walking into a Home Depot and found myself very conscious of a question I’ve asked myself a few times recently. “What is the point of all this?” 

What I’m referring to is the accumulation of wealth and stuff our world seems to be so focused on at times. It’s as if we are somehow defining life’s success through the status we reach in life, whether it’s a job title, the size of our bank account, or how much stuff we manage to accumulate. Is that true success?

You hear stories of how some of the poorest people in the world are the happiest, and how the richest can be some of the most unhappy.  Don’t worry though; I’m not about to pitch that you should give it all up or something like that.

How many times in my past, did I buy something, or go after the next job promotion or raise for the sake of finding happiness? It was like hopping on a treadmill in an attempt to get somewhere, only to find myself in the same place I started.

I have everything I could want in this world. I have my health, great relationships with the people who matter to me, a clear sense of purpose, and the knowledge that my work is making an important difference in the world. I also have a great lifestyle, and there are lots of things I own which support that lifestyle. 

However, the material things no longer own me, as I know I could lose it all and still be happy. Living my life free, powerful and at choice is why I’m happy these days. 

Thought of the week

As I said, no big pitch to give it all up. I believe it’s OK to pursue the next promotion or raise and to have the material things in your life that support a lifestyle. It’s OK to exchange gifts at Christmas and to buy that big screen TV on Boxing Day. Just don’t let those things define your happiness.

My wish for all of us is simple; we stop looking to the material world for happiness as you will never find it there. What I want more than anything is for all of us to look inward for happiness. In my experience, it’s the only place you’ll find true happiness. 

Regardless of your beliefs and traditions around the Christmas season, I hope you find that inner happiness both today and in the year to come. 

With love and respect,
             Merry Christmas

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