There’s a topic I just don’t seem to be able to escape lately; fear. Fear keeps showing up with my customers, in the podcasts I’m listening to, and in my own life as well. It’s also the topic of a conference session I’m leading tomorrow. Is fear stalking me?

Last week I wrote about an assumption I was holding in my personal life. That assumption was just a story I was making up, and it was fear that kept me handcuffed to the story. Fear of judgment, or fear of hurting Rosie perhaps. When I pushed through the fear, it allowed Rosie and I to enjoy what we’re doing and each other even more. 

A month ago I was in the midst of deciding whether it was time to leave a group I helped create; Leanintuit. There was plenty of fears associated with the decision. Fear of missing out, fear of being judged, fear of failure and so much more. However, now that I’ve pushed through those fears, I have let go of my own stories of what I should be doing, and am enjoying an abundance like never before in my work and life.

Every time I get up in front of an audience to speak, teach or even perform with the band I feel anxious. You might describe this feeling as being nervous, but it is fear. Fear of failure, fear of being judged perhaps. However, this fear serves a purpose as it tells me I’m about to leave my comfort zone, and when I do I know I’m going to grow and be my best.

So yes, fear is showing up everywhere in my life. However, when I confront my fears, I know something better is waiting for me on the other side.

Thought of the week

We all have what’s known as our comfort zone. It’s a natural place to operate from as it’s the things we’ve done a thousand times, we don’t have to think about it much and generally, the risk is minimal. However, there is no growth here. 

Growth and learning require getting out of your comfort zone, and the boundaries of your comfort zone are where you find your fears waiting for you. Fears are your stories you tell yourself to keep yourself in your comfort zone.

Don’t stay in your comfort zone! Living a full life requires overcoming your fears, and expanding your comfort zone beyond what you thought possible. 

What’s the one big thing you’ve been fearing lately? It’s time to stop backing away from it. I challenge you to push through this fear this week. I just know there’s something great waiting on the other side!

Life is waiting for you! Stop fearing it and go claim it!

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