When I’m coaching leaders, one of the first things we explore is their core values. Understanding your core values is foundational as your values drive decisions, behaviours, and fears. Otherwise, it can be challenging to know why something is or isn’t working for you or how to move forward.

When asked about values, I frequently find people reciting words such as integrity, leadership, and excellence. While all good potential values, the words are too often picked from a list of values good leaders should have. That doesn’t mean, though, the values are important to them, which is where the problems start.

You have spent a lifetime forming your values. When you work against them, you will feel the dissonance that goes with being out of alignment. This dissonance is a sign that it’s time to pause and re-examine what’s going on.

Knowing your values is foundational to understanding and improving your leadership. Spend time regularly to reflect on and understand your values better.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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