Corporate leaders are often held accountable for the results others must deliver. This is what makes leadership challenging as a leader’s success is dependent on others doing a good job.

Leaders often report feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. I understand these feelings as I’ve been in this same position.

I once had a job in which I was dependent on a team of 24 delivering on what seemed like an impossible goal. I was pretty sure if we failed I would not have this job for long. We succeeded, but I had many sleepless nights in the process of delivering.

All this is why I recommend leaders tap into CONTROL as your superpower. With control, you will move your team forward, and you will get a better night sleep.

Control is often associated with negative things like micro-management, a lack of trust and more. Control gets such a bad wrap, when in fact it can make your leadership far more powerful.

I seek to change control’s reputation. Control doesn’t have to be a bad word in leadership situations anymore.


CONTROL is Creating Opportunities Naturally Through Responsible Outstanding Leadership.

Great leaders know who they are and create opportunities for others to succeed. You will amplify success through your natural, responsible and outstanding leadership.

Happy April 1! I hope you have a fun day!

You’ve got this!

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Building Great Teams

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