This past Thursday was groundhog day. Wiarton Willie says it’s going to be an early spring. Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of winter. OMG! Which rodent should I believe?!?

The traditions of a rodent doing long term weather forecasting on Groundhog Day apparently dates back to around the 18th century. I imagine back in the 18th Century, they were longing for winter to be over as they didn’t have the comforts we’ve created for ourselves in modern times. I even imagine in some cases, it was all about surviving winter … literally. 

So what does Groundhog Day really provide us these days, aside from some cute entertainment and tourism? It seems some people respond to things like Groundhog Day with a longing for winter to be over. It’s as if they’re so tired of winter that they just want spring to be here.

I’ve seen this too many times, where I’m so focused on being somewhere else I miss what’s here today. I choose to live in Canada, and that comes with the benefit of a wide variety of weather. 

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about weather, business, love or life. I choose to live here today for this moment, while not losing sight of my goals. 

This week’s thought:

Our society, education system, corporate system and everything around us is largely designed with the idea we should be continually trying to get to the next goal. The next grade, promotion, house and everything else in our lives. 

So rather than focusing on when winter will end, why not just go out and enjoy winter? Don’t like being out in the snow, then why not take advantage of this time to relax and read that book you’ve been wanting to get through.

There’s nothing wrong with the pursuit of goals. Whatever your day will be filled with, just don’t forget to enjoy today for what it is … today.

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