Recently my wife, Rosie, set up a fundraising campaign for those who want to give something in appreciation for the face masks she’s making them. Rosie’s initial fundraising goal was $500 by the end of May (which was a random number). To date, she’s raised $1,101 for the local Food Bank!

Goals are there to keep you steering in the right direction. There’s a good chance you’re going to miss your goals because it’s impossible to create accurate goals. That’s OK, though, because accuracy is not the point.

Goals are an opportunity to learn something about yourself or your environment. Take the time to reflect on your goals while you’re trying to achieve them. Also, reflect on what happened after you’ve moved on from the goal.

You might be wondering if we have learned anything during Rosie’s fundraising campaign. When you help your community, your community helps too. But we already knew this.

You’ve got this.

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