I was listening to CBC radio while driving somewhere and heard an interview on a show titled White Coat Black Art. It is the story of a Canadian by the name of Catherine Wreford-Ledlow, who is living with a deadly form of brain cancer. You can listen to the interview here: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1078045763803/).

Despite her terminal prognosis, I was inspired by Catherine’s life choices. She involves her children in her disease, including being able to ask the oncologist questions about her cancer. She continues to dance professionally in Broadway level shows. She also spends time at the hospital supporting cancer patients and their families. It’s an inspiring story of someone living their life as fully as possible with the time she has left.

This story is pointing to a theme of complacency which keeps re-emerging in my life this past year. I’ve bumped into it in my work several times in the past few weeks, and also see it emerging from me at times. 

To be complacent about life, in my opinion, means you are compromising, and not living your life powerfully and at choice. You might be feeling trapped as if you’re powerless to change your situation. Is this saying the best you can hope for in life is to survive until tomorrow?

To counter the complacency in my life, I ask myself whether I am at choice. I get rid of the things which do not serve the life I want to live and go after those things which do. I own my mistakes, apologizing and working to make things right, rather than living in shame. I work to live the fullest life possible every day. 

I love this journey of life. I hope I have many more years in front of me, but if it’s only one more day I want to be able to look back and know I truly lived for today.

Thought of the week

What are you settling for in your life? What are you leaving unsaid or not done? Where are you accepting complacency in your life?

I know I’ve written about this before, and I know I will write about it again. Do not wait for a better time to live your life fully as that day may never come.  

Stop wondering whether you have enough time as you have all the time you need. The question to ask yourself is how are you going to use the time you have available today.

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