Someone posted a thought-provoking question on LinkedIn recently: “What is the formula for morale?”

The question got me thinking about how often I’ve thought of morale as something I can change on a team.

“Morale would be better if only they would …”

What I know is that morale is a feeling. This reality means formulas are useless when it comes to improving morale. What you can do is to create an environment where morale is more likely to be high.

Help people succeed. Remove the barriers to their success. Allow and expect them to learn and grow. Eliminate fear.

In other words, increasing morale requires your leadership in responding to whatever is happening right now.

With time morale will increase. How will you know? You’ll feel that sense of joy people get from their work and the resiliency when overcoming problems.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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