“The first job of any leader is to inspire trust” — Stephen Covey

If you’re a leader, then you know the one thing you need to do is to trust others to get the job done. You cannot have your hands in everything.

That said, I’ve had leaders tell me that they’re struggling to trust their team. Truthfully, though, it’s not the team they’re struggling to trust. It’s often themselves they don’t trust.

True leadership is about your ability to respond to whatever happens in the world around you. In this, you don’t need to trust the team. You only need to trust your ability to respond to whatever might happen.

When things go wrong, and you find yourself thinking you cannot trust the team, stop and get curious about what is happening. No blame, excuses or any other counter-productive mindset. Just pure curiosity to find the truth in the matter.

You’ve got this.

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