As you might know, THIS is my 1,000th blog post!!

One of the leadership lessons I’ve taken from the experience is related to failing.

There are minor failures, such as forgetting to do the final grammar check.

Then, there are the major failures. Like … oh wait. I’ve never had a major failure related to my posts. How can that be?!?!

It’s because humans excel at making up stories about how others will perceive us. So, we play it safe and not put our best selves out there.

The same is true in your leadership. How often do you hold yourself back out of fear that someone may judge you? When in fact, no one is watching so closely that they’re going to criticize or cause you irreparable harm.

So, stop worrying about what others might be thinking.

Dance like no one is watching! Better yet, lead like no one is watching.

The world wants and needs your leadership!

You’ve got this.

P.s. what are you doing at 6:00 pm ET tonight? Why not join us for my 1,000th celebration? For more information and to register:

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