What exactly is perfection, and how would you know you have it? In leadership, is perfection possible?

Perfectionism is a common saboteur many of us have. The perfectionist is that voice in your head telling you something is not good enough.

Perfectionism is expensive as it keeps you working on something. It becomes like a burden to carry around and continually try to make it better.

The truth is, in leadership, there is one variable making perfection near-impossible: people.

Imperfect leadership is better than no leadership

Leadership is not about trying to get things perfect.

Leadership is knowing you’re leading in an imperfect world. Leadership is seeing and accepting your imperfections. Leadership is always strengthening your ability to respond to whatever happens.

So, put it out there and respond to whatever happens, even if it’s a mess you created. You’ll find leadership far easier than trying to get it perfect.

> “You don’t have to be perfect to lead others. Let people see your leadership in how you deal with your imperfections”

You’ve got this.

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