I’m sure by now you’ve figured out this week’s posts stepped us through the layers of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni.

inattention to results

Inattention to results is the fifth, and top layer of the model. Plenty of leaders try to start by focusing on results. When leaders do this, they will rarely achieve the desired results.

Starting with results

When you start by focusing on results, status and ego will get in the way. When a team cannot hold each other accountable, they will seek individual status and protect their egos.

Without accountability

When teams cannot hold each other accountable, they are likely struggling with low standards. Low standards often result from a misaligned team who are struggling to find commitment.

Without commitment

When a team is not committed to the same thing, it is a sure sign they have ambiguity. While you may get a lot of nodding heads, that does not mean they are committed. When a team lacks shared commitment, they are not having sufficient conflict to eliminate the ambiguity.

Without conflict

When a team lacks sufficient conflict, it is a sure sign they are living with artificial harmony. While artificial harmony might feel comfortable, the team will struggle to gain the alignment needed to succeed. Artificial harmony is a sign the team does not trust each other.

Without trust

Without trust people do not feel safe enough to be vulnerable. The team will struggle to share their complete opinions and thoughts about the topic from fear of personal attack.

An absence of trust and not much else is usually at the root of the incredible results you are trying to create.

Start by amplifying trust, and you might be surprised by what your team can do.

You’ve got this.

ps… I recommend The Five Dysfunctions of Team — Patrick Lencioni

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