I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. I’ve seen too many change initiatives that proved big resolutions don’t work.

One company I worked for wanted to transform how we worked. Their intentions were well placed, but how they approached it was the problem.

We formed change teams and spent months planning how to improve. But, things started to fall apart as we executed our big plans.

What if, rather than setting big goals to change, you planned to improve something by 1% in 2022.

Want to lose weight? Plan to lose 1% of your current weight.

Want to improve productivity? Plan to improve by 1%.

Want to increase revenue? Plan to increase by 1%.

It’s not hard to improve by 1%. But, then, once you improve by 1%, you can do it again. Do that repeatedly throughout the year, and I’m willing to bet the improvement will blow your mind!

You’ve got this.

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Building Great Teams

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