On the first day of our recent vacation, I started our truck to move it and got the warning, “Tire pressure low.”

Given I was more than an hour from the closest garage, it would be easy to become upset by this problem. I could have blamed the person who dropped the screw. I could have been upset by how this was going to ruin my day.

Instead, I changed the tire.

The park Warden had a patch kit and helped me fix the tire. The local outfitter had a compressor I used to reinflate the tire.

Honestly, it was almost a non-event.

Your reaction to a problem determines the severity of the problem.

You can get upset and believe that a problem has ruined your life (or vacation in my story). Or, you can tell yourself that you’re bigger than any problem and do something about it.

Guess which mindset will leave you less stressed?

You’ve got this.

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