Would you be able to help someone overcome a fear of spiders if you’re afraid of spiders? Could you help someone overcome a fear of climbing ladders if you hate heights?

When the people you lead confront their fears and doubts, it will bring up your fears and doubts. If you share the same fears, you may unintentionally limit their movement.

Seeing your fears through others is normal. If you try to ignore your fears you will limit their movement. However, if you are conscious of your fears, you will be able to lead them.

With each successive attempt at confronting a fear, you will lead them further than they thought possible. At the same time, you will confront your fears and go beyond what you thought possible in your leadership.

It’s kind of like a Sherpa who guides others up mountains. Each time a Sherpa guides others, they find themselves enjoying the top of the mountain. So will you.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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