Your experience makes you the powerful leader you are. Your experience helps you make decisions. Your experiences also have you evaluating and passing judgement. It’s just all a part of the paradox of being human.

For even the best leaders, this evaluation will leak out at times. It might come out in questions like “why would you do that?” Or “what made you think that would work?”.

There are times you might find it powerful to approach problems with a beginner’s mind. Beginners mind is when you put aside what you already know, and approach something as if for the first time.

Your questions might start to take the form of “Help me understand your approach.” Or, “Despite the failure, what about that approach worked?”

With a beginners mind, you will invite curiosity and learning. You invite different ideas and opinions. You invite trust.

So, try letting go of your opinions and experiences. You only have to put them down for a few minutes. You never know what you might learn. The possibilities are endless.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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