“OH: You need to stop asking how people feel. How people feel is irrelevant. A business is no place for emotion. Whether people feel good or bad, the only thing which matters is enforcing productivity.” — (copied from Twitter)

When emotions show up, it’s a sign of something important. The relevance of emotions is real, whether it’s a positive or negative emotion.

People are unable to leave their emotions at the door. When people try to do this, they will be fighting to suppress what they’re feeling. They will not feel safe. They will not trust you or anyone else.

Do you want to kill productivity? Then go ahead and try to block emotions.

Whether you like it or not, feelings and emotions are going to show up. It’s a part of being human, and no one can turn them off.

Emotions are a choice

Leaders, you have a choice to make:

  • You can allow for and be with the emotions and feelings which result from people caring and wanting to succeed.


  • You can see the emotions as a bad thing and watch them quit and take their talent somewhere else.

It’s your choice.

You’ve got this.

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