How do you know someone is a leader? How do you know a leader is why people are succeeding? Are you able to prove leadership is the reason for success?

Take, for example, someone who takes the stance of servant leadership. How would you prove their leadership is effective? When people are succeeding, is that leadership or just the way the team is?

Leadership is a commitment you make to yourself to always take responsibility for the world around you. The best measure of your leadership is what you feel and know in your heart.

Measure by the feeling you get when you watch as people succeed. Measure by the joy of hearing about how people love their work, and then talk about the fun they had with their kids last night. Measure by the joy of thinking how far they’ve come despite any adversity.

Look inward for all the validation you need of the impact your leadership is having. You will hear everything you’re heart needs.

Now, go change the world.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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