How do you measure your leadership effectiveness? I’ve talked about how to measure the impact of your leadership before. Are you able to prove to me your leadership is effective?

Recently, I was talking to a client about her team. She told me how one of her best people, who had been with them a long time, was leaving for a new opportunity.

The leader wished he would stay. She went on to tell me how he had grown so much in their time together. Despite her feelings, she had coached him to do what was right for him.

This conversation was a reminder of one of the best signs your leadership is having an impact. You have given them everything possible, and as a result, they have outgrown you.

When this happens, let them go. Now watch them make an even bigger impact in the world than even you imagined for them.

You’ve got this.

They’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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