Kintukuroi — “to repair with gold”; the Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding the piece is more beautiful for having been broken
As I reflect on my life these past couple years, it’s been one hell of a journey! It’s been full of ups and downs, and at times I even felt shattered. Has it all been worth it? Well …

Two years ago I had it together. I was like that piece of pottery, nice, simple and functional. Life was good and I really didn’t have much to complain about, yet there was just something more I wanted for myself. This is when I started my Co-Active Coaching and Leadership journey.

As time progressed, I slowly started to break apart the pottery that made up the life I had been holding together. Truthfully, I started to see what I thought was a solid life, as leaky and fractured in so many ways. There were cracks everywhere. The more I saw, the more wanted to break it down.

Today, I am still made up of all the same parts. I carry with me the good, the bad and even ugly parts as they form all of my experiences defining who I am today.

The difference is, the bonding agents I use today are so much stronger. It’s a mix of love, courage, heart, creativity, authentic purpose, and so much more. I also don’t try to hide the bonding agents, instead, I buff them and let them shine!

My life today is much like the pottery in the picture above … more beautiful for having been broken.

This week’s thought:

We all go through our ups and downs. There may even be days you feel totally shattered. Don’t ever let this defeat you, though, even if you struggle with mental health.

When you can look to your downs, and draw strength from them suddenly what looked broken, is beautiful once again. What looked hopeless, is functional and living fully again. You may even have days you don’t know how to reassemble the pieces. That’s OK just be gentle and they will come back together.

You are beautiful just the way you are. The golden lacquer you’re using to bring the pieces back together is what makes you unlike anything or anyone else.

So get out your polishing cloth, and shine up your life. Let the world marvel at how you’ve brought together the pieces and bonded them together in a way only you can.

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