Do you ever have one of those days where for some reason you wake up and nothing seems right? The previous day even the biggest challenges in life aren’t bothering you, then the next morning it’s all different.

I have my share of these days, and I don’t know why they show up when they do. There is no catalyst, no big argument, no event or anything else I can point to that triggers my mood.

For me, I think it largely comes down to being tired. I have so much good stuff happening, that some days it’s as if life is telling me to slow it down a bit. During these days anything I do seems like a chore, and I really want to just escape for a bit. 

I used to be bothered by these days, as I figured with all the work I’ve done for myself these past couple years I should be beyond having such experiences. I should be happy, I should be motivated, I should be enthusiastic to just keep working. So I would try to work harder, and just muscle my way through such days, only to find it actually created more resistance in what I’m trying to do.

Now I look at these days a bit different. There is nothing wrong, nothing broken, and not even a course correction needed. 

It’s OK to have days where I don’t feel fine about everything around me. It’s OK to have a day where I just need to sleep, or hide in the basement and do some reading or watch a movie. It’s OK to have days where going for a walk in the woods is the only thing that makes sense. 

It’s OK because I know tomorrow will be much brighter.

This week’s thought:

It’s OK to not be OK at times. There is no rule of life saying you have to OK 100% of the time. 

Do not deny yourself these feelings no matter what your situation is. Instead, learn to be with them, and through this understand yourself a bit better for the experience. What has you feeling this way? What would have to be different for you to smile again? What happened to put you in this mood, and how did you contribute to it? 

Just know it’s OK to not be OK some days. You’re not broken, you’re not a bad person, you’re just human which is what makes you beautiful. What I’ve learned is on the other side of this down day is a beautiful one waiting to be discovered.

Note: In writing this post I kept thinking about those who struggle with their mental health, where every day may be a struggle. I am blessed not to have a mental health issue, but if you do or suspect you do please seek professional help immediately. 

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