I remember going to my grandparent’s and seeing the numerous paintings my grandpa had on the go. His paintings were in various states of completion.

At times, it seemed he had added a few simple strokes of colour. Other times, he might have shifted the colour patterns entirely. My grandfather’s painting took time and patience.

With each stroke of his brush, my grandfather was looking for the possibility and beauty waiting to emerge.

Team building is an art form. You never know what beauty might emerge with each stroke of the brush. Finding the true beauty in teams takes time.

Sometimes, you will take action which doesn’t work out as you hoped. The team might seem to move backwards or become demoralized.

No problem. Pick a different colour and keep painting. And don’t forget that it’s possible you just need to leave them alone for a while.

You never know what beautiful possibilities are sitting right below the surface. It’s what makes team-building done well such a work of art.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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