When I start coaching a person, I explain that there are two parts to the work they’re going to do with me. The hour we spend together every couple of weeks, and the 355 hours in between.

Learning, growing, and self-development isn’t something that happens in a one-hour call with me. Instead, what my clients uncover and learn during the call, is explored, contemplated and applied between our calls.

Truthfully, there’s more learning between the calls than in the calls.

The same is true for the people you lead. You might have a conversation about how they could improve, but the learning won’t become real until they apply it.

So, don’t worry if you see them struggling with new insight, ideas, or knowledge. It’s a good thing as they’re trying to make it work.

Make sure they know you’re there to support and champion their growth. Then get out of their way to let them shine.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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