Wall Street Journal recently published an article claiming your next boss might be a coach. While that’s old news, I think it’s time to start separating skills from titles.

For a long time, I’d say “I’m a coach” when asked what I do. Sometimes, that means being an Agile Coach, while other times, it’s a Co-Active Coach. The problem is that calling myself a coach doesn’t begin to define what I do.

Coaching is a skill I have, and it’s far from the only thing I do. I also mentor, teach and facilitate. So by calling myself a coach, I’m misrepresenting myself.

I’m a leader who activates the leader in others. I use skills like coaching in my work, depending on what the situation asks for. In other words, coaching is what I do, rather than who I am.

What if we just called everyone a leader and helped them be their best?

You’ve got this.

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