Last week, I wrote about how we look at others in our life. It’s an important topic, and not for the sake of the other people. 

In the week since I released that post, I’ve been in conversation with several people who were quick to point out to me that if I’m right, it means the thinking applies even to Trump. In other words, that I need to see him as an equal.

First, let me be clear on my view of Trump: My belief has always been, Trump as President is a mistake, and he is only going to cause a lot of pain. Having a President who seemingly believes laws, decency and common sense don’t apply to him, means we can now clearly see how prevalent the problems are throughout the US and the world for that matter.

I do believe these problems exist elsewhere in the world, including Canada, but right now I’m talking about the US. My fondest hope is the US wakes up one day and decides they’ve had enough. Enough of Trump creating such problems, enough of the killing with the guns they are obsessed over, enough of the hatred, racism and everything else causing such pain. If you want to be the best nation on earth, then you need to start by confronting the truth no matter how painful it might be.

Now that you know exactly where I stand when it comes to Trump you might be wondering: Do I see myself as better than Trump? The answer has been “yes.” I have been seeing myself as better since Trump first emerged on the political stage a couple of years ago. In my opinion, many/most of his actions I hear about are either morally, ethically, and legally wrong and in some cases just plain stupid.

However, seeing myself as better than Trump has led me to a constraining mindset. I want to move away from my privileged white perspective I’ve held and see myself as truly equal to all others on this planet. This is, of course, an uncomfortable thought process that creates conflict when it comes to Trump.

In my heart, I do believe that we are all equal. To think otherwise means I start to create stories for myself which leads me right back to my privileged white life. What becomes possible in this world if we could strip away all of the stories we create for ourselves? 

My fondest hope is through my actions I can touch the lives of others and change the conversation happening on this planet. This is my hope as I strongly believe; it is only through seeing each other as equal and changing the conversation that we will find peace in our own lives.

Thought for the week

This post has been difficult to write, as I’m still trying to figure out how I see Trump as equal while trying to be the best version of me. Is it even possible for me to see him as equal? I will still be thinking about this for some time to come.

It can be difficult to see all others as equal, especially when you are so opposed to their actions. However, this post isn’t about other people. This post is about what you find in your own heart. I know from experience, it is possible to find your heart at peace with others and at the same time not agree with nor condone their actions. 

Only when we find our hearts at peace with others will we start to change the conversation and find peace in our world.

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