What topics get the most airtime on your team? If you are like a lot of teams, you might be putting the focus on the problems. How often, though, do you talk about all the things you have accomplished?

When people do not claim their accomplishments, the brain starts to ask, “what’s the point?” It is as if your brain stops seeing what you overcame and only sees what is in your way.

This is why my friend, Christopher Avery, teaches the importance of claiming wins. A win is something you intended to do, and you did it. Size does not matter when it comes to wins.

There is a noticeable shift in teams who claim their wins. Start your team meetings by having everyone share at least one win. It might feel awkward at first, but before long, I’ll bet you find the focus and morale shifting.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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