In the past week, I noticed a significant surge of people posting what they’re grateful for. The surge is understandable given this past week was the US Thanksgiving. 

I love reading these posts whether they come from the heart, or they are a reshare of a pre-fabricated image. They are such a beautiful expression of what someone sees as good and how they appreciate their world.

However, what I would ask is for people to stop posting what they’re grateful for … simply because it’s a holiday. What about the other 364 days in the year? Are you saying you have nothing to be grateful for all those days?

I am mostly putting this out there in a tongue-in-cheek way, of course, as I know most people have things they’re grateful for most days of the year. However, what might be different if we spent more time focusing and posting about those things rather than all the negative things happening in the world. 

In my work & travels, I encounter lots of people who are dissatisfied with how life is playing out for them. It might be that they are unhappy at work, or with the weather turning cold (I live in Canada), or their body image. It is effortless to focus on the negative things in our lives, which when this happens it seems to put us in a downward spiral where we lose sight of all the good in this world.

What if you turn that around and look at life from the perspective of what you are grateful for? 

I am grateful for:

  • That I have found my purpose and passion in life
  • To have such incredible partners in my work (there are many of them)
  • The changing of seasons here in Canada as they bring variety and spice into my life
  • The pain of cold fingers I get some days during winter, as it reminds me I’m alive
  • For having such good friends and family in my life
  • For all of you who read my writing

Thought of the week

Last week I talked about how acknowledgements can heal and strengthen another person’s heart.  It’s my belief when you express and become conscious of what we’re grateful for; you can heal and strengthen your own heart.

It doesn’t mean everything will be sunshine and lollipops as life is full of crap and challenges. However, when you start to shift your perspective and see the positive, it becomes easier to be with and confront the hard things in life. 

So I have a request for all of you who are reading this: I challenge you to join me in the coming year on a campaign I am going to call #Grateful365.  For the next 365 days, I would love if all kinds of people posted one message every day of what you are grateful for. The process is simple:

  • Every day post a little note on social media about what you’re grateful for on that day
  • At the end of your message add the hashtag #Grateful365 so we can find them
  • Size does not matter in this campaign as there are no extra points for huge & inspiring things. Just post whatever comes to your heart and mind no matter how big or small it may seem.

Let’s be grateful every day!

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