In a couple of posts I wrote recently, I caught myself typing, “you might lose your best employees.”

The problem is, by focusing on your best employees, you’re creating inequity. And, that’s going to only create more significant problems for you.

Apple recently offered a substantial bonus to their ‘best’ developers to keep them from jumping ship. Unfortunately, Apple’s incentive had the opposite effect. (Ref: Apple’s retention Strategy is incentivizing people to leave.)

Teams will only align to the level of their least invested individual. If you create an inequity, you will cause some people to care less. When they care less, they become less invested, lowering overall team health.

Everyone on a team contributes to the success of the team. Therefore, create a team culture where everyone has an equal voice and helps everyone else succeed.

What might become possible if the team is helping each other rise to the next level?

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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