In January 2019, I found myself frustrated with the process and experience of writing.

I was finding the process of writing and publishing blog posts challenging. I would spend a lot of time working on each post as I tried to get it ‘right.’

To change the writing experience, I set a goal of changing my relationship with the publish button.

That’s when I started publishing a new post every day.

Publishing every day meant I didn’t have the time to make every post perfect. I only had time to get the post good enough and publish it.

It was a bold move and felt vulnerable. I was afraid of how people would respond. Would I put my foot in my mouth? Would I say something that I would be criticized for?

Yet, in the three years since starting the daily blog post, I’ve yet to have one objection to my ideas and thoughts. Some debate of ideas, but no problems.

It’s not to say all of my posts were gems. (Trust me, I’ve looked back on some of them and thought, seriously?) It’s just that none of my fears became real.

Do you want to know my biggest lesson for all of the effort?

Striving for perfection is an expensive proposition. Sometimes, it’s OK to say, “Good Enough For Now.”

What have you been wanting to do, and yet found yourself spending a lot of time trying to get it ‘right?’

Perfection is an illusion!

Rather than trying to get it right, do something bold, even it scares you a little. For me it was committing to publishing every day.

What bold move will help you let go of the idea that perfection is achievable?

TIP: I sometimes put a post-it on my monitor with the acronym “G.E.F.N?” On it. It’s a reminder that it’s OK to ask myself whether my work is “Good Enough For Now?”

You’ve go this.

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