I’m a drummer in a marching and concert band. Over the years, I’ve been in countless performances ranging from concerts, parades and floor shows.

In all of that time, we never once went into the performance saying, “Well, let’s give it a try.”

Instead, it was more like, “Let’s do this!”

We were successful most of the time, and things went as planned. But, I can tell you plenty of stories where something went wrong.

The thing is, if we went out to give it a try, we would have invited failure. In our minds, we would have told ourselves failure is OK. After all, we’re only trying.

By telling ourselves we were doing it, our mindset was that we would succeed. It meant that when something didn’t go as planned, we would adjust and keep going.

Stop trying to succeed. Just do it, and you’ll make it happen no matter what actually happens.

You’ve got this.

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