When I think of Northern Ontario, I think of a White Pine standing on a rocky shoreline. The winds have shaped the tree’s branches. The tree stands as a beautiful symbol of the resiliency of nature.

All the good, bad and indifferent parts of your story brought you to be the leader you are. Trying to stand rigid or deny parts of your story can lead to exhaustion, burn out or worse.

What might be different if you accept all of your life’s experiences as the reason you are a powerful leader? Your successes, failures and even past trauma.

Past failures are not a risk to your leadership; instead, they are a source of wisdom. Making and cleaning up a mess is not a problem; instead, messes are evidence of just how strong your leadership is. Being so emotional does not mean you are weak; instead, your emotions are a powerful demonstration of trust.

At times, you will find yourself standing in a storm. Be gentle on yourself, sway with the wind and know that this too will pass. With each passing storm, you will be stronger for having had the experience.

You’ve got this.

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