I’ve worked on many great teams during my career. During this time, I can remember occasions where management would move a problematic employee onto our team with the hope of raising that person’s game. In most cases, though, we didn’t help them improve. Instead, the result was to lower the whole team’s game.

A team will rise to the level of the least invested member. At any time, the least invested might be a new member, and it can also be an existing member. When a team shares in the reward for their work, but not the effort, they will subconsciously lower themselves.

Make time weekly for your team to do team building activities (not just when new people join). Too often, team building amounts to social or fun activities. While social activities are good, it’s more important to be exploring your team’s purpose, each other’s motivations, and or what you’re learning about your working agreement. Doing this will ensure your team is always raising their game.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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