Accountability is one of the most misused words in corporate North America. Accountability is often used synonymously with responsibility. It’s the person we’re going to make responsible for the task or outcome.

The problem is, the accountable person is the one we’re also going to blame when things go wrong. Have you ever heard the phrase “the one throat to choke?” … OMG!

Responsibility is an internal sense of ownership. No one can assign you responsibility as it is something only you can choose for yourself.

You can assign someone all the accountabilities you want. That does not mean they are going to take personal responsibility for any of them.

Guess which of accountabilities and responsibilities will provide the best result.

Accountable leaders

Personal accountability is when people are willing to answer for the outcomes for their choices, behaviours, and actions in all situations. Accountable leaders do not blame others when things go wrong. An accountable leader chooses to take responsibility.

In a team, accountability means we’re going to hold each other accountable for our behaviours.

If you don’t behave in a manner we’ve agreed to then I’m going to respect you enough as my teammate to talk to you about it. I am going to hold you accountable for your behaviours. My wish is you take personal responsibility.

Are you struggling with holding each other accountable? Then look at why you have not been able to hold onto accountability. The absence of commitment? A lack of conflict? I’m pretty sure you’re going to find a new level of what it means to trust each other.

You’ve got this.

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