This weekend Rosie and I went camping at Bon Echo Provincial Park, which is about four hours from home. It was our first time out this season, and we certainly picked a beautiful park to visit.

Yesterday, we were heading home and made it as far as the 407 & Markham Road. That’s where my truck decided it needed some service … NOW. In other words, it lost power, we coasted to the shoulder, and that’s where it was towed from. 

You might be thinking this story is about the truck. It’s not. The truck is under full warranty. With this warranty, the towing and fix will not cost us anything. So other than some inconvenience, we’re fine with this. 

The problem is we had our canoe on the truck, zodiac in the back of the truck, Bree (our Golden Retriever) in the back seat and the trailer in tow. We did not want any of the above to go to the closest Ford dealer, and sit in an unsecured lot overnight. Simply put we were hoping to find someone who could get us and all our stuff.  

The first people we thought of is this incredible group of people who we refer to as “the family we choose.” We met each other through Scouting, and the relationship has become what a close family looks like in my opinion.

THANKFULLY, one of our family members, Steve, who lives in Cambridge and works in Toronto happened to be at work yesterday. To top it off; because their car was low on gas yesterday morning, Steve decided to take the truck to work. They too have a trailer, so their truck is setup to tow. 

Here’s where the important story starts: Once I got ahold of Steve, there was never a question he was coming to help us. We put the canoe on top of his truck using rolled up blankets as a roof rack. We put our Zodiac in the bed of the truck. And of course, his truck had no problems pulling our trailer home.

So our heartfelt love and thanks go out to Steve! I know you would have come to get us no matter how far away we were. It’s just fortunate the universe looked after us yesterday and put a series of events in motion to ensure you took the truck to work.

Thought of the week

How often do we focus on those with similar DNA, and believe that it’s the only family that matters? Don’t get me wrong, as I think blood relatives can be important. 

What’s important to me is, whether you share DNA or not, are you there for each other. If you call me, or I call you can I count on you having my back? I’ve come to learn over the past couple years just how important this is to living a full life.

I am blessed with numerous groups I can call family. This group of friends Steve and we are a part of, my leadership tribe known as The Mighty Ferrets, my parents, and more. 

We all need a family who truly has our back. Do you know who yours are? Send them a note and tell them how much you love them for being there for you. Kind of like I just did for Steve.

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