The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own mind — William M. Burger

What is your dream for you and your team? What would you love to have, yet it seems impossible?

Sue, a leader with a large team, dreamt of the day her team would be self-organizing. For one, Sue thought she wouldn’t be so busy if the team would self-organize. She hoped that when the day arrived, she might be able to have dinner with her family.

Sue had been trying to get the team to self-organize for more than a year. I asked Sue why she had not realized her dream yet. “I can’t trust them yet” was her answer.

I told her “It seems, looking at them with this mindset you might never be able to trust them. The only reason you might not be able to trust them, is you don’t trust yourself.”

In the coming weeks, Sue did some courageous things. For example, Sue stopped involving herself in some of the team activities. As a leader this can be a struggle when you’re held accountable for outcomes, yet need to rely on others to succeed.

Through this and other actions, Sue rewrote the story she was telling herself about trust. She started to trust the team because she was trusting her ability to lead.

If you’re afraid of spiders, go out into the woods and walk through 100 spider webs. You will freak out with the first web. However, as you continue to walk through spider webs, I guarantee you will rewrite the stories you tell yourself about spiders.

Your dreams are possible.

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