The world is changing. Technology, climate, economy, people and everything else around you is in a constant state of change. There is, of course, good and bad changes in all of this.

It does not matter whether we’re talking about climate change, competitive threats or morale problems. Until the current state becomes too painful, change will be slow or impossible.

I know from experience there will be times you see the potential, if only they would see it too. What if they are not ready to go there, though? They will resist your efforts. It can be frustrating and bewildering.

First, do not take the resistance personally as this is not about you. Instead of trying to get them to leap to a new reality, help them take small steps. They won’t always make the small steps, but with each one, they will shift their reality.

Whatever happens, they are moving at a pace they can sustain. Keep leading!

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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