I’ve been trying to form my thoughts around a post titled “Are you ready to be free, powerful and at choice.” I was feeling totally stuck and so I did the only thing reasonable. I deleted it. 

I was worried about what others might think about my writing. This worry took away a little of my freedom. I know I am less powerful when I don’t operate from a mindset of freedom. It’s like the difference between walking on a paved pathway in the summer and trudging through a foot of wet snow.

With my power diminished the choices I make are less powerful. Rather than following my heart I am more likely to try and protect my ego. In my writing, my ego will have me bringing together words I think others want to hear, rather than speaking my own truth.

My instinct when I notice this happening is an attempt to control the situation.

As I’m trying to control the choices I am making I tell myself how bad I’m doing in my messaging. I then try to hold on tighter to the choice. I edit, delete, rewrite, and around I go. Holding on tight to my choices and feeling like I’m walking through deeper and wetter snow.

In other words, the tighter I try to hold onto my choices the less I’m at choice. How ironic.

This is why I deleted that post. I was trying to hang on so tight to my choices that I was no longer free and powerful. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to control my choices. Yet the most powerful way to be at choice is to let go of control and live a life full of freedom. This is the paradox in choice.

I know a life of choice starts with freedom. A freedom which can only be found in my heart. 

And as for that post I deleted. It’s gone as it lacked the freedom I was trying to write about.

Thought of the week

In 2010 I decided to attend a workshop on responsibility at a conference. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life (right behind marrying my sweetheart and a couple others). This workshop became the foundation for a transformational journey that has me living a completely different life today.

The workshop was titled “The Responsibility Process – Leading and Coaching” by Christopher Avery. I later joined Christopher’s program, The Leadership Gift Program, and continue to be an active participant in this community.

I don’t normally promote things through my posts. However, given the impact Christopher’s work and the community has had on my life I am making an exception. 

Christopher is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, March 29 at 11:00am Central time. In this webinar, you will hear about The Responsibility Process and The Leadership Gift Program. Yes, Christopher will also have a sales pitch, but why wouldn’t he as he’s proud of his work and wants to share it.

Now it’s your turn to be at choice. I’m hoping you will choose to join us on Thursday. 

You can sign up for the webinar at this URL: https://te109.isrefer.com/go/web/mikeeedwards/

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