The other week we pulled into a parking lot to witness a theft in progress. What happened next was a demonstration of the difference a team can make.

I called the police, and they were on site within minutes. The problem is, with 260 acres of forest and fields, it was not going to be an easy search.

The police soon involved several of us in their search. During the search, we were relaying information to the officers by phone. Before long the thief was in handcuffs.

There are, of course, lessons I observed that evening:

  • No one is as good as all of us – the police would have been unlikely to arrest the guy if they went at it alone
  • Little actions go a long way. Our help simply involved walking around and reporting sightings, but the impact is obvious
  • We’re all in this together. Because we chose to get involved, the police caught the thief and recovered all the stolen articles.
  • You do not need to be an expert to help create success. The two officers were the experts at catching thieves. The help of the citizens was invaluable in creating their success.

Teamwork is invaluable for success. What can you do to inspire more teamwork around you today?

You’ve got this.

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