One of the skills I use while coaching is acknowledgment. It’s a pretty simple skill to learn, and it works like this “I acknowledge you for …” followed by a heartfelt statement.

For example:

Rosie, I acknowledge you for the strength I see you in you, as you grab life by the horns! I also acknowledge you for stepping into so many new things in life as you learn to run our business, I couldn’t do it without you!

Julie, I acknowledge you for the energy you bring to the world as you are a guiding light to so many!

Christopher, I acknowledge you for the deep conviction you hold for sharing your work with the world!

Shelley, I acknowledge you for the courage and energy you bring to our work.

Are you getting the idea? They’re simple to share, and for the recipient can light up their day.  

Thought of the week

Acknowledgements are powerful as they are a form of love you can extend into the world. When you extend love to another through an acknowledgement, you help to heal and strengthen their heart. We all have this power within us, and it starts with a few simple words “I acknowledge …”

There are four types of acknowledgement:

  • Character – such as courage, or conviction
  • Appearance – such as their glow, or a beautiful smile that lights up a room
  • Impact – such as their how they inspire you or help you find courage
  • Skill – such as their ability to seemingly fix something with little effort

Regardless of which you use, the important thing is its authenticity. 

You have the power to help someone with a simple, authentic acknowledgement.  Give it a try sometime, and don’t worry if it feels unnatural at first. Acknowledgements are a skill and the more you use them, the more natural they will feel.

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