Recently, a friend and I went up the CN Tower in Toronto. The tower has a glass floor which we ended up laying on for pictures.

If you watch people around a glass floor, you will notice they hesitate to step on the glass. However, once on the glass, they start to relax and move around.

Often, your strongest fear responses will be in the moments before you are about to do something. With one step, you will be committed to moving forward. It’s in this moment your human responses have you deciding between fight or flight.

Often, people need a little nudge or coaching from to take their first step. Their body is responding to the uncertainty of what they are about to do. Your support will help them push through the fear.

Once past their initial fear, they will discover it wasn’t as bad as they thought. Much like people stepping onto a glass floor, they realize nothing bad is happening.

Congratulate, encourage and champion them to keep going. Thanks to your leadership, they’ve got this!

You’ve got this.

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Building Great Teams

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