I’ve worked for a company with a culture where they wanted everyone to be like family. The upside is that it was tough to get fired. The downside was that it was tough to get fired.

While working for a family might sound nice, I found it frustrating. People didn’t want things to change, even if something was dysfunctional. Underperforming people remained in their position.

The values and principles often found in families can be a hindrance to the world of work.

Families often like to stick with their traditions and get upset by change. Companies need to shed traditions to innovate and adapt to the world around them.

Families don’t like when people remove themselves from the family. When people aren’t a good fit in a company, sometimes the best thing is to leave.

It’s ok to want to like your coworkers. Just don’t limit yourself by making it a family.

You’ve got this.

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Building Great Teams

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