For over 25 years I have been working in the IT industry working with some great teams and organizations. During these experiences I’ve built a solid foundation and insight into the IT industry.  I’ve met many great people, and the opportunities have been incredible!  I’ve done many of the traditional rolls you’d find in IT including development, testing, design, analysis and more.  For the past 15 years focusing on management, leadership and people.

All of these experiences have brought me to the point where it’s time to pivot!  I am pleased to announce I am now an independent consultant.   This is very exciting for me as I love to work in new and challenging environments and help people and teams do great things.  My specialties include project-portfolio management, lean, agile and many others.  I strongly believe in helping teams find pragmatic approaches to delivering great value to their customers.

I am also going to use this opportunity to announce I am one of the founding members of LeanIntuit. However, until I made this transition my involvement was kept under wraps. LeanIntuit is a team of agile & lean coaches who can help your organization deliver great results! We recently hosted our first training event here in Kitchener-Waterloo by bringing Jurgen Appelo in to teach his Management 3.0 course.   If you weren’t there you certainly  missed a great course!

I have a backlog of blog entries and presentations I have been building up.  Look for a new blog entry soon as I’ll be starting to post my backlog of blog entries.   They cover areas such as Agile, Lean, Kanban, People, teams, motivation, projects, leadership, management, and so much more!   Now that I am independent I will be starting to publish on a regular basis for everyone.   Please give me your feedback to everything I write!   Good or bad … it’s how I will improve the value for you!

If you’d like to chat by all means contact me and lets see how I can help your organization!

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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