Don’t take responsibility

This past week I found myself in a space of resurrecting an old habit proving the saying “old habits die hard”. The habit I’m talking about is one of fixing things for other people. I’ve always been good at fixing things for other people, and there are many...

Inspiration moves me

When life deals you a challenge what do you do with it? I know what I used to do. Cringe. Crumple into the corner. Roll up into a fetal position. OK perhaps not physically, but it certainly felt that way at times as I struggled to find inspiration to move forward. For...

Being the only thing possible

Do you remember the first time you did something really vulnerable as an adult? I remember the first time I got in front of an audience to share my thoughts. It was Agile Vancouver’s, Much Ado about Agile 2009 conference. I was excited as I was being asked to...
Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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