Dysfunction + Curiosity = ?

Think of all the people you interact with daily. Now think of the number of times you judge someone actions as dysfunctional. You might find yourself thinking, or saying, something like this: “What a jerk …” “I can’t believe how inconsiderate he is …” “Why on...

Is authenticity possible?

Is it possible to be completely authentic in all parts of your life? I was challenged on this recently, and the conversation got me thinking about what does it mean to be authentic. There are lots of aspirational quotes available such as: “Authenticity over...

What’s your reason?

I often hear people refer to the high performer in an organization as being motivated. I also hear the opposite in which the person who’s most laid-back as unmotivated. Does labelling people in this way mean the highly motivated person is good, and the unmotivated...

What are you holding on to?

Early last year my wife, Rosie, left her busy career in engineering behind. There are many reasons for this change. One of which is that my business was going great. I needed to hire an assistant to get some of the load of running the business off me. Given Rosie was...
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