Achieving the big goals

I am a drummer with the Ceremonial Band of the Waterloo Regional Police. We are both a marching and concert band. One of the longest parades we do is the Kitchener-Waterloo Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade is over 4 km from start to finish. I have lived in this...

Dysfunction + Curiosity = ?

Think of all the people you interact with daily. Now think of the number of times you judge someone actions as dysfunctional. You might find yourself thinking, or saying, something like this: “What a jerk …” “I can’t believe how inconsiderate he is …” “Why on...

Leading and your assumptions

A leadership team member pulled me aside after a heated meeting. She voiced her concern about the apparent divisiveness of the team. She went on to cite two things about the meeting to support her concern. She felt one of the leaders was frustrated with her. According...

Is leadership a paradox?

You want them to change how they work. The new direction makes total sense, so surely everyone will be excited by it. You buy the latest tools. You hired experts to help them learn new ways of working. You send the team off on courses. You even give them a funky new...

Don’t focus on happiness

A marriage based on the pleasure of sex won’t usually last. Companies who try to keep people happy with cool furniture and snacks continue to lose their best people. People who have meaning in their life and no pleasure are miserable. Teams who focus on keeping...
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