When life deals you a challenge what do you do with it? I know what I used to do. Cringe. Crumple into the corner. Roll up into a fetal position. OK perhaps not physically, but it certainly felt that way at times as I struggled to find inspiration to move forward.

For those who’ve been following my story the past couple years you will know I’ve gone through a lot of transformation in that time. Starting with feeling pretty down about my career. Then through the coaching and coach training I found a very different Mike inside. Although I still have days life feels like a struggle, I am working hard to follow my passions these days.

One of the biggest changes for me is I spend a lot of time listening to and following my intuition now. In other words, I let go of all the stories I like to tell myself and just go with what feel right. For example, one of the things I say about my coaching practice is I only want to work with people who inspire me. This belief is not about money, status, or the place in life the other person holds. Inspiration is something I feel when I have an introductory coaching session with the other person. It’s just a feeling of connection, almost as if there’s an energy flowing between us. I don’t get this inspiration from everyone, and when it’s missing I love to help them find a coach they do connect with.

The same also holds true for the people I encounter in this journey of life. There are the people I love most in life for which I obviously share a strong connection. There’s also those I encounter, and for reasons I cannot explain, my intuition says they’re someone pretty special. In other words, this is someone I am meant to connect with. I haven’t figured it out why this happens, however, I’m not sure the why is really important. What I do know is my intuition is really strong, and I am learning to trust it more and more.

Inspiration from intuition

A couple months ago, I liked a Facebook post and added a comment of congratulations. It was a guy by the name of Matt Gagnon, who had just received his piece of paper which proves he’s a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I didn’t know him, I just wanted to share in his celebration of something I was working towards as well.

A day or so later I noticed an update in Facebook saying someone else commented. I don’t normally follow these, but in this case, for some reason, I followed it. The comment indicated Matt was heading to the same CTI Leadership program as I am in March. I was excited to have found someone else I will be going through this experience with. However, there was something more to Matt than just someone I will be sharing this journey with. I didn’t know what it was, but my intuition immediately came alive and was saying Matt is someone pretty special.

At the time we had a couple Facebook interactions, and nothing was really explaining my intuition until a couple weeks ago. A friend of Matt opened up a GoFundMe campaign as Matt has been diagnosed with a rare disease known as Addison’s disease. Addison’s has all types horrible ways it can affect your life both physical and mentally. Addison’s is making it impossible for Matt to work, and his disability claims have been denied.

Here’s the inspiration part

MattThere are lots of people in the world who would let this disease beat them. They would throw their hands up, and surrender control to the disease. Matt is choosing and creating what he will make of his life. Matt is continuing with his coaching journey, and I’m really looking forward to meeting him at our first Leadership retreat in March.

My intuition is saying Matt is on this planet for a big reason. Listening to him in the videos he’s posted on gofundme.com, I hear someone with a deep sense of purpose and determination. I can only imagine how some days he’d struggle with and possibly laugh at that thought (given the disease), but it’s what I hear and see in him. I see a Dad and Husband full of love for those closest to him. I see a man humbled by the support he’s receiving. I see someone with a purpose to fulfill in life.

What are you choosing

I know some days I just want to forget all this and go back to going through life on autopilot (thankfully these are fewer and far between now). It would be so easy to feel defeated by all the challenges of being an entrepeneur. However, it’s people like Matt who inspire me and remind me this is MY life and I’ll be damned if I don’t get to create the life I am meant to have … and frankly … want.

Thanks Matt for the inspiration!

I supported Matt through gofundme.com

If you would like to find out more about Matt’s Comeback Journey check it out at:


It’s a story worth reading and if you’re inspired … supporting!

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